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Cuba Cellular Plans

Most providers in the United States do not having roaming agreements with Cubacel, the cellular carrier in Cuba. That means your phone will not work. While we can attribute to a string of events dating back over 50 years ago, this doesn't mean that it is illegal to have cellular service in Cuba. In fact, the FCC themselves recommend Cellular Abroad's services in this helpful article. Even if your carrier does offer roaming services for Cuba, there are a few things you may want to consider. First, the rates will be very expensive. Even if you plan on using your phone very little, that doesn't mean that your friends and family are necessarily aware of your plans. That is, they may be unaware that you are in Cuba and every time they call you, even if it goes to voicemail, it will cost you a few dollars a minute. With Cellular Abroad, you have the option of keeping your usual number - or not. In addition, if you use your carrier's service with your usual US phone number, the Cubans will not be able to call you. Cellular Abroad's service has the distinct advantage that it comes predisposed with two phone numbers, a US number and a UK number. The later number from the UK is reachable from Cuba.

We offer several option for travelers to Cuba. First, if your cell phone is already unlocked (most Verizon's phones are, most other carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are not), you can simply buy a SIM card for Cuba. Alternatively, you can rent a cell phone. We offer several options to choose from. If you want to buy a phone that works there, we have several options. Please note that if you buy a SIM card or a phone it will also work in most other countries as well.

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