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UK Cellular and Data Plans

Chances are, you have already contacted your cell phone provider and have found out that their roaming rates for the UK, simply put, are not a feasible option. Whether you are with Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint, their voice and data plans are expensive, hard to understand and not transparent, some providers, like T-Mobile do a great job of boasting that some of their plans offer "unlimited free data" but neglect to make it clear that the free data they offer is low speed and therefore potentially, worthless. In addition, none of these carriers offer a viable way to get data on your tablet or PC. With these points in mind, we welcome you to Cellular Abroad. At Cellular Abroad, you will find transparent and affordable cellular and data solutions and a much more. We offer many features that your current carrier cannot offer such as having a local number as well as keeping your own number or even getting a new temporary one just for your trip. In addition, all of our plans are pay as you go, meaning, you will never, ever come home to an unexpected bill. Here are several of our solutions.

Use Your Own Phone

If your current phone is unlocked, you can just buy our UK SIM card and put it in your phone. This way, you will essentially cut out your current provider so they have no way of billing you and you will use our service which costs a small fraction of theirs. Some providers, such as Verizon and specifically their newer phones, are now unlocked meaning you are not forced to use their service when you travel. Other providers, such as AT&T and Sprint almost always lock their phones. If you are out of contract, they will unlock your phone for you. Our recommendation is to check with them to see if your phone is locked or not.

Rent or Buy a Phone

If your cell phone is locked or if you simply do not want to use it for one reason or another, Cellular Abroad offers a selection of UK cell phone rentals. If you only need to make and receive calls, our Basic Rental is probably your best option. This phone is also recommended for travelers who do not consider themselves tech savvy and need a very easy phone to use. Additionally, we offer iPhone Rentals as well as an Android Smart Phone Rental. If you need to use mobile data during your trip (great for trip planning and using Google Maps, Skype and checking your emails), you will need to rent one of these options. Additionally, we have a wide selection of UK Phone Purchase Packages. If you are traveling abroad for an extended period of time, it is less expensive to buy a UK phone than to rent.

Rent a Mobile Wi Fi Hotspot

A mobile Wi Fi hotspot is a portable device that gives you a personal Wi Fi hotspot anywhere you go, 24/7 throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Unlike a café or hotel lobby, the Wi Fi hotspot gives you a secure data connection that you can take with you everywhere. You can connect with any device that has Wi Fi such as a smartphone, an iPad or a PC. In addition, multiple devices can connect simultaneously. This is the perfect solution for anyone needing an affordable way to use their own device or devices anywhere and at any time.

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