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Both the Smartphone Rental and the iPhone4 Rental options offer data capabilities as well as wifi. Be sure to try to use free wifi whenever possible. When free wifi is not available, remember, certain applications use more data than others. For example, video Skype and other streaming use enormous amounts of data while checking emails and browsing much less.

Please refer to the Calls and Features tab for exact rates.

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iPhone 5 Rental
Use Skype, Google Maps, Google Translate
  • Works in over 200 countries
  • U.K. and U.S. phone numbers
  • Special low rates for travelers to the European Union
  • Unlimited free incoming texts messages
  • Prepaid service - no bills, contracts, or hidden fees
  • Easy to check and to add talk time 24/7
  • The possibility to keep your current cell phone number
Rental Rates*
1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks
$70.00 $140.00 $150.00 $185.00 $200.00

Plus the price of one (1) recharge voucher ($29.00) which will be automatically added to cart.

Talk Abroad Cell Phone Rentals

Rent an International cell phone and make and receive calls, access the web and use apps such as Google Maps and Skype virtually worldwide. Our easy to use phones feature excellent coverage in over 200 countries and low incoming and outgoing rates across the globe. Renting a phone from Cellular Abroad is a great way to save money by avoiding the high international roaming rates that carrier such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T charge. The rentals come with two phone numbers, a US phone number and an international phone number (based out of the UK). Both numbers are active at the same time. Feel free to forward your calls to your US phone number in order to not miss any of your calls or, if you are specifically traveling to get away from that, simply give out your US number to whomever you want.

Which Cell Phone Should You Rent?

We currently offer four cell phones available for rent; Standard, Deluxe and the iPhone5 and the iPhone6. If you only need to make and receive phone calls and/or need an easy phone to operate, we recommend our Standard Rental Phone (with the exception of Australia where, due to their technology, you will need a smartphone). There is something to be said for a no nonsense, easy to use cell phone. First, less bells and whistles means there is a short learning curve to get acquainted with this phone. Also, the battery life for this phone is twice as good as most smart phones and the reception is better than most smartphones as well. On the flip side, while you can make and receive text messages, you cannot get emails, use popular apps such as Google Maps or WhatsApp or browse the web nor check emails. In order to check emails, browse the web, use map services and use any app, you will need to rent a smartphone. So, which smartphone should you rent? Our recommendation is simple; If you are used to using Android phones , we recommend that you rent the Deluxe Phone, which is an Android phone.. If you have an iPhone and are used to using the iPhone, we recommend that you rent one of the iPhones. If you can afford to rent the iPhone 6, we generally recommend this phone as it is a better phone (faster operating system, better camera and updated operating system) and if you plan on using maps, we definitely recommend the iPhone6 due to the larger and easier to see display. Please note that data service is not available in all countries.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent?

We try to keep things simple. We charge you to rent the phone, whichever fits your needs, plus the usage, plus shipping charges. Shipping charges also cover shipping back to Cellular Abroad. In addition, you may opt for rental insurance just in case you lose or break your rental phone. As the service is pay as you go, you will always be in control of what you are spending. We will add $29 of initial call credit to your rental which may be enough for your entire trip, particularly if you are traveling to Europe or need your phone primarily for emergencies. You can purchase more call or data credit toll free from your handset during the trip.

Per Minute Rate & Data Calculator

Included in your Talk Abroad Cell Phone Rental:

  • A rental handset, with a battery, fully charged and ready to go
  • Initial call credit
  • International plug adapter and charger for Talk Abroad
  • International 110-220 variable-voltage charger
  • Return ship label (from within US, Canadian customers please click here. We encourage you to return in the original box

If you receive your cellular rental missing any of the listed items, please contact us immediately.


Ordering a Rental Phone is easy. There are no forms to fill out or sign. All we need is your name, shipping address, contact information, the dates of travel and of course, you credit card information. You can order online or speak to one of our expert advisors at 1-800-287-5072 and they can place the order for you. Time permitting, we deliver the Phone Rental 2 business days prior to you departure using UPS or FedEx. We can deliver the following day (except Sunday) for those with immediate departures.


You will receive a fully charged Rental Phone, complete with a convenient travel pouch and international chargers and plug adapters and simple instructions. Your rental also includes a prepaid return label. If you have any questions, please call us or email us.

Read Instructions

Your phone is activated and ready to go. We include brief instructions for the use of the cell phone.

Returning your Rental Phone

We will send you a prepaid return label with your package. Please retain it and, upon return from your trip, drop off the package (as per instructions) within 2 business days from the last day of your rental period. Cellular Abroad will charge late fees if the return shipping date is later than 2 business days from the last day of your rental period. For more information, see Cellular Abroad's full Terms & Conditions. For more information, see Cellular Abroad's full Terms & Conditions.


Here are just a few of the many unsolicited emails we receive from our customers:

Hi, My wife and I used the Cellular Abroad services in 2008-2009 when we backpacked around the world for a year. We were very pleased with your services after getting a new 2009 SIM card mailed to us as our phone did not initially work in South America (Peru, Chile, and Argentina) with the 2008 SIM card that was provided with our phone. Upon receiving the new 2009 SIM card, the phone was a very nice resource moving forward on our travel around the world. It was amazing how we were able to have economical cell phone calls with our family back in the USA while we were in very rural areas, major tourist destinations, hostels, and just amazing places all around the world. Thanks for helping make our trip a success.

-Brian & Rebecca W

Just wanted to comment on the great service you provide. You folks are an A+ outfit. I ordered your sim and voucher card for the Bahamas and received them the very next day. Everything worked as promised and without a hitch. Unfortunately for my traveling companions, they had Cingular World roaming and could only receive calls. They ended up borrowing my phone! Once again, thanks for the great product.


Thank you for your excellent service. I will refer you to two other people who will be traveling to Europe.

-Jack M

I just wanted to say thank you so much. My son would have had no cell phone (he's a minor) to call home with, if it weren't for your going the extra mile. This is such a comfort to us. I will always use your company in the future & will recommend it to everyone I know. Again, thank you for your patience and your help.

-Deborah L

Loved having this service available. I will tell all my travelling pals about you. Thanks for the excellent product and service.


Thank you. Excellent service you provide. I will recommend your service to my friends...

-RR, Mill Valley CA

I found the phone to be of great use on my trip to Finland. The reception was incredible! I will certainly consider using Cellular Abroad if I travel overseas again. Thanks again.


The phone was a life saver. will suggest your service to everyone i know. Thanks again


My daughter decided to travel with a friend to Europe after their high school graduation. We thought it would be a good idea for them to have cell phones to contact each other in the event they became separated, and to make local calls.

We did research whether to rent or purchase phones. We decided to rent phones from Cellular Abroad, using your convenient and well-priced companion plan. The phones arrived right on time for their trip. When they arrived in Europe, they had no problems whatsoever with the phones or making and receiving calls, even from us at home in the U.S.

When it came time to purchase additional minutes of calling time, I sent an e-mail to customer service telling them I'd like to purchase $25.00 in additional calling time for each cell phone, and asking for instructions how to purchase the time. In reply, customer service advised me that they had placed the order for me and the additional minutes were immediately available.

I was very impressed an apprciated cellular abroad's prompt and reliable service. I will use Cellular Abroad for all of our future trips and recommend you to all of our friends.

M. McCormick, Chicago

My trip was fantastic (I went to Sicily), and the phone worked perfectly. Your service was excellent and I will definitely use Cellular Abroad for my next European holiday.


I just wanted to send a quick e-mail and say THANK YOU for a great service. The international cell phone worked out great, and the service you guys gave me was top shelf. I will definitely be contacting you in the future for this service again.


I was the envy of everyone on our cruise with my cell phone. It was very expensive to use the phone in our stateroom. If I travel out of the country again, I will be sure to use your service.


The cell phone worked great while in Paris and Germany. When I travel abroad again, Cellular Abroad will be my first choice!


I have been reading Talk Abroad International SIM Card, I travel in Europe Zone 1 all the time and according to your site I can receive calls for free. Please relay my surprise at such a good service.


Having a cell phone was great. And, true to your word, it worked way down in the Aoelian Islands of Italy. Thanks


Thank you for your fine service. All went as planned. I'm greatly impressed by Cellular Abroad's efficiency and organization.


Important FAQs for Rentals

When do I order?

You can order as far in advance as you like - even months prior to your departure. We will ship your rental at the appropriate date in order for you to receive it prior to your departure. Rentals are shipped ground or express service and will arrive at least 2 business days prior to your set departure date whenever possible.

How many minutes do I start off with?

Use the rate calculator on the Rates and Features page in order to determine the call, data and text costs. You can order an initial Dollar amount of credit (available in $29 denominations), add call credit as needed during your trip by sending a "short code" or calling Cellular Abroad toll free from the handset or you can request the Auto Top Up Feature which automatically adds $29 once your credit is less than 10 Dollars.

Where does this work?

The service works in over 200 countries for voice and about 70 countries for data. Please check the Rate Tab for rates and destinations where the service works.

How come there are special rates in Europe?

The EU has regulated rates that are the same across the board. Hence, it is easy for Cellular Abroad to make the rates easy to understand and very affordable. In addition, since the vast majority of our travelers goes to Europe, we have put together an extremely compelling offer for travelers who need to rent a phone for Europe.

How many minutes do I have left?

You can check your call credit at any time for free from the handset as per our instructions or online /ta_checkbalance.php

What will this cost me?

  • The applicable rental period fee for the duration of your rental period
  • At least 1 $29 top up per phone.
  • Round-trip shipping and handling fee (see below).

How much is shipping?

If you order at least 2 weeks in advance, round-trip Ground shipping is only $12.88. If you are leaving soon, we offer round-trip 2-day Express for $29.96, or Overnight Express for $39.96. Rentals will arrive 2 business days prior to your set departure date.

What is the latest I can order a rental phone?

You can order up to one business day prior to your departure as long as you call in before to 1:30pm Pacific Time. Exceptions can be made on a limited basis, even if you are leaving early in the morning - we can usually get your phone to you. Please call our 800 number (rather than order via the web) in order to confirm that we can get you a phone rental on time.

When do I get the phone?

You will receive your cell phone rental two days prior to your departure, unless you require next day delivery.

Does the cell phone come charged?

Yes it does, but it's always best to test the battery and charge phone before your departure.

Can I charge this phone on my trip?

Yes, you will receive an international charger and relevant plug adapters, so you can charge the phone in the U.S. or at your destination.

How do I return the phone?

Round trip shipping is included in your shipping fee. You will be provided with a return sticker label, which you can put on the box the phone arrived in, or your own box. If using your own box please do not use an extremely oversized box. (Canadian rental customers click here)

What happens if I cancel?

If your rental has not shipped, you will only be charged a 5% reserve fee. If your rental has been sent out, you are responsible for the one week rental fee plus the shipping fee.

Are there any surcharges or hidden fees?

Unless you are roaming outside of the country or countries for which your service is offered, the rates are fixed according to our posted rate chart and coverage areas. All rental customers are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

What will the rates be for people calling me from the US?

That depends on the international long distance rates charged by their Long Distance Company or international calling card.

Does Cellular Abroad offer insurance against loss or damage?

Yes, rental insurance is available for $19.50 and covers any loss theft or damage and will available as an add-on once you add your item to the cart.

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