Shipping & Return

Shipping (Rental)

At the renter’s cost, Cellular Abroad will furnish a shipping box, properly designed for shipment of the Equipment, along with the return-ship label necessary to return the equipment to Cellular Abroad at the conclusion of the rental period (only for US renters). Renter is not billed for return transit time. The rental period is ended by the post mark. We encourage renters to return equipment in the original box provided or a box of the same or smaller dimensions. Please note that UPS and Fedex/UPS/USPS charge for their boxes, which is another good reason to recycle the box original shipping box. Return of equipment in a larger box may result in an additional shipping charge, as per FedEx or UPS dimension rates.

Late fees, damage or loss (Rental)

If the Equipment is not en route to Cellular Abroad within two business days of the last day of the agreed upon rental period, Renter will be responsible for extra rental charges as laid out by Cellular Abroad’s rental period rates. Carrier tracking information will be considered adequate guide and proof as timeframes. If Renter chooses to send the return package by a different shipping agent, please inform Cellular Abroad and/or retain shipping documentation should there be any problems receiving the return shipment.

If returned from outside the U.S., all shipping, insurance and handling expenses will be charged to Renter. Renter assumes responsibility for Equipment, if the method of return of Equipment is by another means.

Uninsured phones not returned or have been otherwise compromised due to a user ID or PIN lock are billed the original rental fees plus a $129 flat fee for a basic rental, $199 for the Smartphone rental and $399 for an iPhone 4,5,6 rental. The iPhone X is $699.

Canadian Customers Returning Rentals: When renting from Cellular Abroad we are unable to provide a prepaid return shipping label. Renter agrees to return rental at their own expense. We recommend using Canadian Post. Renter is not billed for transit time. The rental period is ended by the post mark. Renter agrees to list the package contents as “used cell phone $25”. We recommend receiving a tracking number and/or receipt of transaction in case the package is lost in transit.

Shipping (Purchase)
Cellular Abroad ships all orders (except for scheduled rentals) the same or next business day (Monday – Friday) depending on the time your order is received. Orders placed on the weekend and will go out the very next business day. Shipping times are calculated from the business day the item ships. Cellular Abroad cannot ship rental packages internationally.
Shipping Information

Holiday Shipping Schedule:

We will be closed for calls and shipping Dec 24 & 25, and Jan 1 for the holidays. Any orders placed on these days will not be sent until the following business day.

Please note that all address corrections, due to voluntary address changes as well as typos or errors, will incur a $15 surcharge for domestic packages and a $30 surcharge for international packages currently in transit. We encourage you to double check your address to ensure a timely and cost effective delivery. Please note that fedex/UPS/USPS doesn’t not guarantee address corrections even when assessing address correction fees. Any package that Cellular Abroad has to recall will be charged a $15 fee.

Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. We do not require a signature or a release form for domestic shipments. All packages / rentals arrive with no signature requirement, with the exception of satellite phone rentals and international shipments. Cellular Abroad accepts no responsibility for the non-receipt of international shipments. Customer will incur any and all customs charges, taxes or fee associated with international shipments.

Return Policy

Purchase: A refund will be given for unopened products that are returned to Cellular Abroad within 30 days from the date that we ship you the product(s).

Recharge vouchers, unused call credit, and activated SIM cards are not refundable, unless deemed defective. If you suspect a defect, Purchaser agrees to notify Cellular Abroad of technical difficulties in using the hardware, failure to notify Cellular Abroad of hardware problems forfeits the purchaser of any and all claims for compensation due to equipment failure.

Open-boxed cell phones are returnable within 15 days from the date received and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Please note that we do not refund shipping charges. Phones must be in mint condition with no signs of wear or use, even if they are defective when received. We cannot accept even slightly worn cell phones or accessories. It is also imperative that the product box be returned to the shippers hub or other suitable shipping box. Defacing the manufacturer’s phone box by writing anywhere on it or by pasting shipping labels on it makes it impossible to sell as a used product or to be returned to the manufacturer. If you deface the box, you buy the phone!

Defective phones: Cellular Abroad will accept defective items in the rare occurrence that they are noticeably defective upon arrival, such as not powering-on after charging the phone, within 30 days of the purchase date. Please note that we do not reimburse for any shipping fees. All defective items must include all original accessories, manuals, warranty cards and packaging. We cannot accept a package without an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). Please contact Cellular Abroad at 1-800-287-5072 to request your RMA.

Rental orders that have not ship can be cancelled and renters will have a credit with Cellular Abroad for future trips. Rental orders that have shipped will be charged a minimum two week rental period in addition to the shipping. The renter will have 3 business days in order to ship the package back to Cellular Abroad using our prepaid shipping label included with the rental. If your rental includes a service that needs to be activated and/or registered by Cellular Abroad, that portion of the rental is non-refundable.

Recycling the original box is encouraged, providing the original label is removed or covered by the return-ship label. Upon returning from abroad, the Renter is responsible for bringing the return package to a carriers location or appropriate agent who accepts packages. The rental period officially ends on the date the package is received by the return carrier, as per the carrier’s postmark or tracking information. “Late” rental returns will be billed as the next appropriate rental period. All rental customers are given a one day grace period from the end of the weekly rental period to return the package and not be billed into the next rental period.

Renter agrees to notify Cellular Abroad of technical difficulties in using the hardware while still in destination country. Failure to notify Cellular Abroad of hardware problems before the end of the intended period of use will result in the Renter forfeiting any and all claims for compensation due to equipment failure. Cellular Abroad cannot be held liable for service issues related to third-party phone service providers.

Cellular Abroad will not reimburse anyone who loses their return-ship label or who ships using their own shipping method. This also applies to returned merchandise. Note that rental periods conclude when shipping boxes are picked up by, not when they arrive back at our offices. Many customers panic about the return ship time adding to their rental time and return their phones via express shipment. This is not necessary.

Should Renter leave or deposit Equipment at a location not agreed to in advance in writing by Cellular Abroad, Renter is liable for all costs to return Equipment to Cellular Abroad, plus any additional rental charges for Equipment caused by the delay.

Renter is responsible for loss or damage to Equipment in part or in whole. Replacement cost for rental handset package is $100 for a standard phone, $200 for a deluxe rental and $500 for the iPhone plus the rental period fee. Please note that if in any way the phone is rendered inoperable, such as personal settings and locks are placed on the phone, you will be subject to the replacement fees. If equipment is lost, kept, stolen or otherwise not returned to Cellular Abroad, replacement costs for missing or damaged items will be charged to the renter. Cellular Abroad will make every effort to contact renter to return missing items. If rental unit is not returned within 30 days of the end of the rental period the replacement fee will be billed to the account on file. (See below for an itemized list of rental components and corresponding replacement costs.)

Any phone settings manually changed by the renter must be set back to default at the time of return. If the Renter changes any PIN code required for security access to the phone or SIM card, the code must be set back to default at the time of return otherwise the Renter is responsible for the retail value of all products tampered with or otherwise rendered useless.

The renter agrees to pay Cellular Abroad all costs and expenses, including without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, the fees of any collection agency, and court costs incurred by Cellular Abroad in exercising any of its rights or remedies hereunder when enforcing any of the terms, conditions or provisions hereof, and consent to jurisdiction of the courts of California, as determined in the sole discretion of Cellular Abroad, and waive any rights to object to such jurisdiction.

Renter consents to Cellular Abroad disclosure of account information to, or from, credit reporting agencies, collection agencies, credit bureaus, or private credit reporting associations.

Theft, Loss and Damage (Rental & Purchase)

If the Customer has opted and paid for Insurance, then the Customer will not be liable for to pay for any theft, loss, or damages to the Equipment as long as provision 3 as per below is met.

This Section will only apply if (a) the Customer has requested and paid for Insurance, and (b) the Equipment is not returned to Cellular in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions due to theft, accidental loss, or inoperable due to accidental damage.

In order to exercise this coverage under Insurance, the Customer shall notify Cellular Abroad immediately upon the theft or accidental loss or damage to the Equipment. This initial notice should be through email to as well as via phone call(+1.310.591.2020). The written notice include a description of the incidence (theft, accidental loss or accidental damage), including the date, customer name and a contact phone number and/or email address. Upon request, Customer must provide evidence of theft or loss by submitting a copy of a written police report to Cellular Abroad. Claims cannot be accepted unless this information is provided.

If Customer has not opted and paid for Insurance, Customer will be responsible for lost items/equipment according to the replacement costs listed above.

Cancellations (Purchases)
If a customer decides to cancel the order, they will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15% if the package has not shipped out. If the order has shipped out Cellular Abroad will charge a 25% cancellation fee and retain the shipping cost.
Refunds (Rental & Purchase)
No refund can be applied until the package being returned is in Cellular Abroad’s possession. Upon arrival Cellular Abroad will test the equipment for any defects and issue a refund based on the condition of the phone and the claim made by the customer. Shipping fees for all merchandise are non-refundable.
Replacements (Rental & Purchase)
The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, international or domestic, associated with replacement merchandise.
Computation of Charges (Rental)
For purposes of computing rental charges for Equipment, Cellular Abroad will consider as a whole day, any portion of a day (a day being defined as a twenty-four hour period that begins and ends at midnight) contained in the period of rental specified in Agreement.

Unused call credit cannot be reimbursed.

All rental customers are given a one day grace period from the end of the weekly rental period to return the package and not be billed into the next rental period.

Fair Usage Policy
Those users that have more than five times the usage for free inbound calling than outbound calling will subject to additional billing and or termination of service.

Payment of Charges (Rental & Purchase)
Purchase orders must be provided to Cellular Abroad at time of order for each contract issued. Purchase order payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. All accounts are subject to approval.

Renter represents to Cellular Abroad that Renter is an authorized signer on the account of the credit card furnished as part of Agreement. In addition, Renter agrees to be personally responsible for costs, expenses and charges incurred by this rental transaction, regardless of the form of payment.

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