Since 2002, Cellular Abroad has helped over 50,000 travelers to Italy save money and provided solutions no other provider, including Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T can offer at ANY cost.

SIM Card for Italy

Chances are your phone can be used in Italy. If you own a Verizon smartphone or your phone was purchased directly through Apple, your phone is unlocked. If it isn’t, check with your carrier to see if they will unlock your phone. By replacing your current provider’s SIM card with one of Cellular Abroad’s Italian SIM cards, you will avoid the high voice and data roaming rates providers typically charge for using their services in Italy and/or slow data speeds.

Italy Hotspot Rental

We also offer a Wi Fi Hotspot Rental for Italy. This is one of our most popular products for Italy yet not everyone is familiar with exactly what a hotspot is. A mobile hotspot is a device that provides you with your own personal Wi Fi signal anywhere you go in Italy, 24/7 and at LTE speeds.

Italy Phone Rental

Some travelers phones are not unlocked or they just don’t want to go through the hoops of inserting a different SIM card into their phone and/or entering any settings you may need to set in order to use data. Cellular Abroad offers several Cell Phone Rentals for Italy depending on your needs.

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