Austria Hotspot Rental

Rent a hotspot for your next trip to Austria and get unlimited data*

Standard Features

 Unlimited Mobile Data*

Portable and Secure

Connect up to 10 Devices

 Prepaid Service – no bills, extra charges or contracts

4G / 5G LTE

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Rent a hotspot for Austria and get unlimited data for your trip*. If you are unfamiliar with what a Wi Fi hotspot is, a hotspot is a compact, portable device that gives you on-demand fast 4G/5G LTE data for your cell phone, laptop, iPad or any other Wi Fi enabled device. In addition, you can connect several devices, up to 10, simultaneously. This is the perfect solution for having affordable, reliable and secure data anywhere in Austria or any other country in Europe.

Not only do you have access to apps such as Google Maps, WhatsApp, Uber and can access your emails or browse the web but, with apps such as Talkatone, you can make unlimited calls and texts to the USA or Canada absolutely are.

To rent, simply select your actual departure and return dates and we will send you the hotspot complete with all necessary power cords, chargers and adapters plus a prepaid return package (USA customers only, other customers must pay to ship back to our office in the US). You will receive the hotspot prior to your departure, typically 2-3 business days before your trip time permitting.

*Please note that, although it is standard policy in the cellular business to advertise the term, “unlimited” Cellular Abroad wants to make it clear that users have 20GB of high speed data per each 30 day period. 99% of travelers will find that the data provided is sufficient for their needs, including heavy users of browsing and GPS.

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Austria hotspot rentalAustria Hotspot Rental
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