Canada SIM Card

Standard Features

10 GB 4G / 5G LTE High Speed Data

Unlimited Calling / Texts to USA / Canada*

Perfect for GPS and other apps

3-In-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Mini) fits all phones and hotspots

Works with any unlocked device

Allows tethering

Secure (unlike Wi Fi)

Validity – 14 Days

Our data SIM card offers 10 GB of 4G/5G LTE service for 14 days. The service is plug and play and the SIM activates when it first picks up a network – even in the United States and Canada so users use caution inserting the SIM in your device prior to your departure. This is ideal for checking emails, using social media, Google maps or any other data related activity.

Although you cannot make direct calls or text messages, there are plenty of apps that allow you to make calls including WhatsApp, Skype, Google Voice, FaceTime and many more. We recommend Talkatone as it is free to call and text the USA and does not require the other party to have the app, plus, you can even call to USA and Canadian landlines.

*When you download an app, such as Talkatone, you can make free unlimited calls and texts to the USA and Canada.


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Canada sim cardCanada SIM Card
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