Germany SIM Card

Our SIM cards for Germany work in any unlocked phone, tablet or hotspot. Please select a plan below. You can order a cell phone as well as an add on or use your own device.

Standard Features

4G / 5G LTE High Speed Data

Includes a UK Mobile Number

Free Incoming Calls or Texts from Anywhere

Perfect for GPS and other apps

3-In-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Mini) fits all phones and hotspots

Works with any unlocked device

Allows tethering

Secure (unlike Wi Fi)

Our SIM cards for Germany are the perfect solution for travelers who want fast, reliable and affordable cellular and data service while traveling. The SIMs are compatible with any unlocked device including phones, hotspots and tablets and work anywhere in Europe. If your device is not unlocked, we offer phone and hotspot rentals for Germany as well.

We offer 4 SIM card options for Germany. The first two offer unlimited texting and calling anywhere in Europe, 5 or 12 GB of data depending on the SIM and are valid for 30 days. The other two SIMs are data only and are valid for 365 days. Please note that there are many apps available with which you can make calls, including WhatsApp, Google Voice, Talkatone and many more. We recommend Talkatone as it allows unlimited calls/texts to the USA and Canada for free.


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Germany sim cardGermany SIM Card
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