Great Britain Hotspot Rental

Our personal, social and business life depends a lot on the internet. When you travel out of the country we ensure your connectivity with Hotspot Rentals. Select the plan that suits best as per your requirement.

Standard Features

 Unlimited Mobile Data*

Portable and Secure

Connect up to 10 Devices

 Prepaid Service – no bills, extra charges or contracts

4G / 5G LTE

Clear dates


Our hotspot rental offers virtually unlimited *(up to 50GB), secure 4G/5G LTE data anywhere in the UK. The mobile hotspot is a portable device about the size of a deck of cards that transmits your own secure Wi Fi hotspot w/out having to be plugged into an outlet.. You can use a Wifi hotspot with any Wi Fi enabled device including cell phones (even those locked to a specific carrier), tablets, PCs and any other device with Wi Fi. The Mobile Hotspot Rental is very easy to use. Simply turn on the hotspot, log on with your device, enter the password we provide you with and that’s it.

Your hotspot rental comes with all plug adapters, chargers, instructions and a return label and a convenient vinyl travel case. Please enter the exact departure and return dates into the calendar in order to calculate the price.

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Great Britain hotspot rentalGreat Britain Hotspot Rental
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