Japan Cell Phone Rentals

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Standard Features

 Unlimited Mobile Data*

Unlimited Calls and Texts to the USA/Canada with an App**

Unlimited free incoming calls and texts

 Prepaid Service – no bills, extra charges or contracts

Clear dates

Your Japan cell phone rental features unlimited 4G/5G speed data virtually anywhere and everywhere in Japan.

Not only can you book a taxi or hotel online, check emails, use Google Maps, access social media but, with a calling app, you can make phone calls and text. Try Talkatone to call and text the USA and Canada for free and of course, there are plenty of others including Skype, Whatsapp and others. Please note that in order to download most apps, you will need to rent the iPh0ne 6 or a more recent phone.

Our Japan cell phone rental will be sent to you in the USA or Canada prior to your departure (2-4 days time permitting) and is ready to go as soon as you land at your destination in Japan. The phone includes all chargers, cables and instructions plus a return package (USA only) for when you are done with your trip.

Please note that, although it is standard policy in the cellular business to advertise the term, “unlimited”, there is a “Fair Usage Policy” that specifies caps at 10GB each 14 days of your rental, which is enough data for 99% of all travelers.

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