Spain SIM Card

Choose one of our SIM cards for Spain. Please note that you must have an unlocked cell phone.

Standard Features

4G / 5G LTE High Speed Data

Includes a UK Mobile Number

Free Incoming Calls or Texts from Anywhere

Perfect for GPS and other apps

3-In-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Mini) fits all phones and hotspots

Works with any unlocked device

Allows tethering

Secure (unlike Wi Fi)

If you are traveling to Spain choose between one of our 4 SIM cards. All plans give you fast 4G/5G LTE data speeds. The Tourist and Professional plans offer unlimited calling and text messages within Europe and all plans roam anywhere in Europe. In addition, the Professional plan offers 12GB of data whereas the Tourist plan only offers 5GB. Both plans offer 30 days of service and are renewable for the same fee as the price of the orginal SIM card. The Extended Professional Plan and the Executive plans are data only and offer 12 and 24GB of data respectively.

Calls and texts to the USA and Canada and elsewhere are available on all plans using an app such as WhatsApp, Google Voice or Talkatone. We recommend Talkatone as the app is free as are unlimited calls and texts to the USA and Canada.

Add an unlocked cell phone to your SIM card (available during checkout). This is the perfect option for travelers who don’t have an unlocked phone or simply need a spare cell phone. All phones come unlocked and with travel plugs and chargers for Spain.


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