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Choose a phone option then enter the departure and return dates in order to calculate your rental cost.

Standard Features

 Unlimited Mobile Data*

Unlimited Calls and Texts to the USA/Canada with an App**

Unlimited free incoming calls and texts

 Prepaid Service – no bills, extra charges or contracts

Clear dates

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Many travelers to China rent a cell phone as they do not want to bring their own cell phones due to security reasons. Renting a phone through Cellular Abroad alleviates any concern that all of your personal data on your phone will be compromised.

Your China cell phone rental includes 10GB of 4G/5G high speed data, a Chinese number, unlimited incoming calls and texts and 30 minutes of outgoing calls within China. Please select the phone rental of your choice, enter the actual departure and return dates and your rental rate will be immediately calculated.

Our cell phone rental for China package includes everything you need for your trip including the cell phone with a Chinese SIM card and Chinese number, a travel charger, plug adapters and a return package as well as activation instructions for the service. You will receive the rental 2-3 days before your departure, time permitting.

We highly recommend that you download WeChat which is the calling app of choice within China. We also recommend that you use a VPN such as Express VPN or Nord VPN so that you can access commonly used websites and apps such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and news sources that are typically banned in China. With a VPN, you can use any app or view any website. Please note that in order to download apps, you must rent the iPhone 8 or the X as the other phones have older operating systems and are not always compatible with some apps.

We also have a hotspot rental available for China which is very popular. With a hotspot, you do not have to rely on your hotel WiFi, which is not secure, in order to access the internet with your laptop or other device.

*Please note that, although it is standard policy in the cellular business to advertise the term, “unlimited”, there is a “Fair Usage Policy” that specifies caps at 10GB each 30 days of your rental, which is enough data for 99.5% of all travelers. If for some reason you do not think that is enough data, you can purchase a second China SIM card with an additional 10GB of data or rent a hotspot.

**You may call/text the US and Canada with a free app such as Talkatone. This and other apps rely on data.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I order?

You can order as far in advance as you like – even months prior to your departure. We will ship your rental at the appropriate date in order for you to receive it prior to your departure. Rentals are shipped ground or express service and will arrive 2 or more business days prior to your set departure date.

How do I call the US, Canada or outside China?

You will need to use an app such as Skype, Talkatone, Whatsapp or WeChat to call the US or Canada

What will this cost me?

The applicable rental period fee for the duration of your rental period plus shipping and insurance, if selected.

Taxes are applicable only if you are in California.

Round-trip shipping.

Can I download apps?

If you log on with your Apple ID, all of your apps will automatically load. However, most people visiting China do not want all of their information on their rental phone and hence will create a temporary Apple ID just for the trip. You can do this from before arriving in China using WiFi. Please make sure that the apps you want to download are compatible with the version of the phone you rent. Please make sure to delete your account before returning the phone – otherwise we will have all your contact information, photos, emails and other sensitive information.

How much is shipping?

Please refer to the cart to calculate shipping.

What is the latest I can order a rental phone?

You can order up to one business day prior to your departure as long as you call in before to 1:30pm Pacific Time. Exceptions can be made on a limited basis, even if you are leaving early in the morning – we can

Does the cell phone come charged?
Yes it does, but it’s always best to test the battery and charge phone before your departure.
Can I charge this phone on my trip?

Yes, you will receive an international charger and relevant plug adapters, so you can charge the phone in the U.S. and in China.

How do I return the phone?

Round trip shipping is included in your shipping fee. You will be provided with a USPS return package (Canadian rental customers will have to ship back the package at their own expense.) You have two business days after your return date to drop off the phone at USPS. We are not strict about this but if you intend to drop it off later, please email us to let us know.

Are there any surcharges or hidden fees?

Absolutely not.

What will the rates be for people calling me from the US?

That depends on the international long distance rates charged by their Long Distance Company or international calling card. We recommend using a app. If you download Talkatone, people in the US  or Canada can call a US number.

Does Cellular Abroad offer insurance against loss or damage?

Yes, rental insurance is available as an add-on for $24 and covers all loss and damage.

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